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Given this problem, some missionaries got the idea to try a backdoor tactic.They invented "Jews for Jesus," which uses a whole lexicon of Jewish-sounding buzz words in order to make Jesus more palatable to Jews.He is co-founder of Honest, and author of "David & Goliath", the definitive account of anti-Israel media bias.Originally from Buffalo, New York, he holds a degree in journalism from the University of Texas at Austin, and rabbinic ordination from the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem.He personally knew Theodor Herzl, the visionary and chairman of the congress.At one conference, a delegate stood and began to vent his spleen on Christian Jewish missionaries.Comedienne Joan Rivers started screaming on the air after a commercial for Jews for Jesus aired on her radio show. These deceptions are most successful with Jews who have no knowledge of their own Jewish heritage.

And that poses a great dilemma for Christian missionaries seeking to convert Jews.Israeli-born (Sabra) Jewish seeker of enlightenment became a student of Oriental philosophy and acupuncture. His testimony is available at: (1860-1929) born in Bucharest, Romania, went to Jewish Seminary in Hanover, Germany, traveled to the United States, and married a Catholic wife whom he met in transit.They both agreed to keep their faiths separate, but when a Christian missionary visited her after an illness, she accepted Christ as her personal savior and began to share a faith with her husband. Baptized, in 1887, he became a Chicago Seminary student, then Superintendent of the Chicago Hebrew Mission and later worked with the New York City Mission Society for thirty years, reaching out to the Jews there. Aerospace engineer Andrew, raised in Conservative Judaism, comes to faith in Christ in 1982.Herzl's response was to quietly leave the rostrum and come down and seat himself by the side of Mr. In 1911, he used the term ‘Messianic movement’ to describe a belief among Hebrew Christians that: “It is incumbent on Hebrew Christians, in order to keep up their "national continuity," not only to identify themselves with their unbelieving Jewish brethren, in their national aspirations—as expressed, for instance, in Zionism and other movements which aim at creating and fostering "the national idea" and regaining possession of Palestine—but to observe the "national" rites and customs of the Jews, such as the keeping of the Sabbath, circumcision, and other observances, some of which have not even their origin in the law of Moses, but are part of that unbearable yoke which was laid on the neck of our people by the Rabbis.” He disagreed with this "rather grand-sounding designation [which] does not describe any movement of Jews in the direction of recognizing our Lord Jesus Christ as the Messiah, but an agitation on the part of some Hebrew Christian brethren, who have evidently yet much to learn as to the true character of their high calling of God in Christ Jesus, supported by a few no doubt well-meaning excellent Gentile Christian friends, who…do not understand the real tendency of this 'movement'." Messianic congregations have multiplied throughout the earth, and his negative judgment may have been too hasty, but his warnings have merit in view of some heretic fringes of the Messianic movement which at times de-emphasize Yeshua’s central role and Divine sonship.His life is at testimony at (1907-) born of a Protestant father and Jewish mother in Strasbourg, France, she was among the first women to be admitted to the theology faculty at the University of Strasbourg in 1926.

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